About Remote Desktop

Remote desktop means RD.It is specially used for remote connectivity for accessing the remote pc from any where in the world.It requires Satic IP which we get from our ISP by paying small amount to it.It specially use port no-3389 which is by default in any winodws.If you want to check the this port is open or not then please go on command prompt and type-"netstat -na" and press enter.You will see the result.


If you not check the remote desktop in properties my computer then is port is block.Please enable remote desktop to see the running port.


To change the port of RD

As we in world everything is possible so-Go to registry editing tool and locate this key :-


  1. Open the PortNumber subkey.
  2. Pick the Decimal Base option.
  3. Enter the new port number, and then click OK.

You will successfully changed the port number.But editing registry some time enable to start  the PC.Please did not use on office computers.